The Journey Continues

We may earn money or products from the companies mentioned in this post.

As of July we have a vehicle,  which was GOAL NUMBER 1.  (thanks to my in laws).  In a big city, having your own transportation is crucial. Vehicle maintenance and replacement should always be in the budget.
Now we are on to GOAL 2 & 3.

Goal 2. Launch and monetize our blog.
Obviously,  we have launched, but are still playing with the affiliates and overall feel of the site. We want to give support to new professionals by giving the inspiration and products you need. This is where I’m a little stuck. In the near future we will have a separate affiliates page to send our readers for the best products I can find. Feel free to comment below about which products you would like most to see, and I’ll tailor my search as we get going.


Goal 3. Study/pay for Real Estate Exam
I was so overwhelmed with the vehicle and blog situation, that I’ve had no time to really study. I took a 4 day course back in Feb at the same time I applied to take the exam. Unfortunately for me, that set a deadline of Feb 2018 to complete the exam. Which means, I need to get my butt in gear even more than before. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband.

My plan is to carve out two days a week, one for blog things and the second for studying. Now ask me where my toddler is…. yup she will either be with her dad or at daycare so I can hear myself think. I can’t listen to Paw Patrol and do anything productive. Some supermoms can and that’s amazing, but this sidetracked mama couldnt do it. Serious sensory overload.

At this point, we are well into our 1-3 month goal list and I’m pretty excited about sliding into the 3-6 month list. These will most likely be pretty boring, because it’s just saving $$$ to buy into the RE board, fees and get a realistic wardrobe for the career change  (so I look like I belong there).
As much as it makes me physically ill to think about spending money on clothes, I realized that my Salvation Army half priced shopping days were over.

(Well maybe not for everything, but definitely for this).

When you enter a professional field like that, you absolutely need to look the part. First impressions mean way more than they should and if the client isn’t impressed, will take their business elsewhere.  You don’t want that.

I’m in a great place in my current field where the dress code is pretty relaxed, and personality in your clothing styles is encouraged. Not that I dress like a rag doll, but you get what I’m saying… I’m going to need more appropriate clothes.

Leading me to my next awesome point about affiliates! I will be joining forces with a great place to find all these awesome styles. I’ll post the outfits I end up getting and link to where you can find them. A starter piece I wrote about wardrobes can be found here.
I’m looking forward to writing a comprehensive post about finding your body type and what clothes look best for each. There will also be a post on finding your complementary colors too! They are generally determined by skin tone, hair and eye color.

So many great things to talk about and post in the very near future! If you like my blog, give it a like, comment and pin! Thanks guys!!!