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The Mental Health Idea

Mental health is not just about psychiatrists, pills and therapy. When you hear the term “Mental Health”, it’s mostly associated with “Mental illness” and that’s wrong.  Everyone has a breaking point when it comes to stress. The idea behind Zen helps break up the difference. Breaking points don’t mean there is something that needs to be medically fixed.  It means that the stress was not alleviated enough to work through and find a workable solution.  There are many misdiagnosed people every day and each year because of this idea. Now, if there is self harm or other red flag issues that’s a different story, and help can be found here.


Everyone Needs Quiet Time

There’s a reason that spas charge high dollar prices for relaxation. It’s often hard to find at home or in public (unless your happy place is outdoors). We need time away from the noise, chaos and everyday stress of living. This is where we find our thoughts and enjoy the ability to think clearly. That’s also why you can find hoards of laptop users at the local coffee shop or empty 24 hr diner.

The time you get away from stress helps reset your mind, ease anxiety about future tasks and lets you simply not fill the void with noise. My favorite things to do are: write, take a hot bath with a few drops of lavender oil and Epsom Salt, get a coffee and listen to music or go for a walk. Sometimes I’ll go a little crazy and put the spa music on in the bathroom and turn the light off for that spa feel if I’ve had a particularly long day. Just make sure you have an alarm set or someone one check on you to make sure you don’t fall asleep in the bathtub… that could be bad.

Everyone has there own version of a happy place. Some people prefer some background noise to help focus (think yoga or spa music). These can be found in an app on your phone too if you would rather have those vs the radio. I know I usually do because the lyrics often distract me from what I’m trying to accomplish.


Drink Preferences and Types of Relaxation

Drinking often is associated with relieving stress. “Getting drunk on Friday night” is seen as a stress reliever. I’m not saying you shouldn’t drink alcohol ever. I’m saying don’t forget to drink water too. Alcohol makes us dehydrated and can lead to a hole host of issues because of it. So if you decide to get your Mimosa or Margarita, make sure you are drinking enough water to offset that need. If you’re looking for a new favorite drink, I wrote a post on teas I recommend trying. I have found that I really enjoy finding new drinks I can make at home for very little money and effort. Another favorite is smoothies. I simply buy the frozen fruit from the grocery store and add Arizona Tea for the liquid ( you can add other things of course) and voila!


Get Out…Alone

Another thing I’ve done to help promote relaxation is the “big parenting no no”…. I send my kid to daycare for a half day or full day, depending on my needs. (My husband will often offer to keep her, but when he is busy or had enough himself, its an option) There are days you need to get bunch of errands done and dragging the mini me is not fun for either of us. She really enjoys playing with the kids at daycare and I enjoy not arguing with her about pointless things in the middle of Walmart. It’s a win/win.  I can also have lunch in peace… myself.

In my opinion, you should never feel guilty about giving yourself a day alone while you kiddo is having fun elsewhere.  Not only are you not stressed as much, but you can even go home for a couple hours and do some home yoga, home spa day or chores without looking over your shoulder. This lets you be mentally prepared for the rest of the week. Being a supermom/dad doesn’t require you to be with them playing “Present parent”  every moment of every day. You were an individual before the kids with interests and you need to be able to tap into that. You cant just wear all the parent hats (cook, maid, nurse, ect) and not allow yourself to wear your own hat too….The one that doesn’t have kid related stuff attached.


The Amazing Yoga Studio….in my living room

I wish I could afford the price tag pinned to those awesome studios. I have done some donation Yoga studios and they are awesome, but until the budget allows…. Home studio is where its at! I even wrote a post on 5 Reasons you need Yoga for Stress and Anxiety. Yoga is about focus, not about twisting into some weird shape and holding yourself hostage like that to prove you can. Getting started is pretty easy. All you need is a Yoga Mat ( I think the strap is useful for when you do join a class, you don’t have to carry your mat like a wood log). A water container that keeps your drink cool and preferably from “sweating” and making the floor wet. Something appropriate to workout in, I like Yoga Pants and breathable yoga top. Some do a Sports bra and yoga shorts. And a “yoga bag” and balancing block (A bag you can fit your wet clothes, block and towel in). Make sure to check with the studio before you go to assure you will have everything you need.

As I mentioned, I do these things in my living room. I run my console on the Tv, find YouTube and select yoga for beginners and away we go. This way I can  get use to the moves, take breaks, make tea, sit on my porch for a few minutes between sets or just go pee without disrupting anyone.


Tell Me About Your Rituals

Leave me a comment about what things help you collect your thoughts and keep your Zen buzzing. Then hit like and share to let me know you liked this post! Thanks guys!




10 thoughts on “Find your Zen

  • Thanks for all your great tips. I find having a cup of hot tea, sometimes it’s cinnamon herbal or peppermint, while other times I love a raspberry or green tea. I also find using a sugar scrub with essential oils,. I make some with orange and others with lavender., has a relaxing benefit after a streaful day.

    • Those sound like great mixtures! If you have a post on how to make (or if you sell them) the sugar scrubs feel free to post that here too! It would be great addition to my post and a traffic for you too 🙂 Thanks for the feedback!

  • What a wonderful post! I really enjoyed reading it!

    In my case when I want to relax, if I want to be alone, I just take a walk. I like the nature and landscape! Otherwise, I make Mandalas to relax or paint.

    By the way, I not only enjoyed reading your post, but I have also learnt something new: how to create a post and include advertisements! Many thanks!

    Wishing you a lot of success for the future!

  • Hey Kristy, thank you for such a wonderful post. The points you discussed are pertinent to everyone. My way of keep going is – continuous belief, music and spending time performing yoga & meditation.

    • Thank you. That sounds great too! I felt that a lot of people shy away from saying “mental” anything because it’s so often confused with the “inability to handle life”. Its should be widely talked about like fitness or any other heathy choices. Thanks for reading and I will be doing more of these in the future.

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