Don’t Waste Your Money: Skin Care and Make Up Advice


The worst thing you can do is waste money when it comes to skin care and make up. There are literally thousands of make up and skin care lines, not to mention hundreds of thousands of products. So how do you find the ones right for you?

The answer is GET PROFESSIONAL PRODUCTS!  Not just GET them, TRY THEM.

That’s right, you can go to most counters at your local Sephora, Ulta, ect and ask for samples. I love Ipsy for this as well You can find my promo link Here.

This way you have time to make an informed decision based on a weeks worth of trying the product before you spend your HARD EARNED MONEY.

We all have that “junk drawer” in the bathroom with tons of crap we will never touch again. To add insult to injury, we cant even pawn these useless items off on our friends. So we either “save” them for when they’ll magically be useful on our skin. Or more likely, throw them away.

On average, an individual spends between $150-$1500 per year on make up and skin care they will never use for more than a week. This doesn’t even include hair and nail products.

The beauty industry makes money because their consumers and clients often don’t know what to buy and are hiding behind the term “experimenting”.

Yes you, I see you looking at your make up choices in bewilderment.

Alas, there’s a solution! It is called the All Mighty Color Wheel. First, you will need to gather info on yourself. Be prepared to be surprised and hopefully relieved.


First is skin tone. You should ask the advice of a beauty professional on this one. You need to know if you are warm or cool toned and what underlying tones you have (red, yellow)

Second, eye color. This helps determine what colors will complement your faces/eyes. If you have dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, pinks and red eyeshadow aren’t a good color. At least not on me. (I end up looking bloodshot) Write down what you see, then take to the wheel.

Third, hair color. Yes, it matters. It’s framing your face and accentuating your skin tone. That’s why cool skin tones can look washed out with black or blonde hair. For best results, look for colors that complement the color wheel.

Having basic knowledge of why colors work is essential to having good make up days. For instance, the day you have dark circles but dont correct them with an appropriate color (or product) is going to make the difference.

We’ve all seen the palettes, but did you know why you used them? There are 3 primary colors: Red, Yellow & Blue. Mix all 3 evenly it becomes neutral brown. This is also why box color “color corrections” don’t work for most people.

You can’t fix a bad bleach job with box brown. It turns green. Blue dominate undertones+overly porous Yellow hair=Green or baby poop green hair.

Now that we understand the basics of color

Let’s review skin care. Be honest, when was the last time you changed your routine? A lot of people don’t change their skin care routine from their teens until almost their mid 20s or early 30s.

Please reevaluate your face. Skin types change over the years with stress, having kids, environment, hormones, diet and a whole host of other reasons. (Diet is a huge factor) But I’m concentrating on the current use of chemicals.

I can’t even wrap my mind around how many things we put on our faces to look like a photoshopped version of ourselves. Like one day we’ll wake up to look like we’d never need make up again.

I hate to break it to you, but there is no magic slather that’s going to make us look like a 20 something Cindy Crawford right outta bed. BUT, there are plenty of great products to help extend and preserve the skin we were given.


Let me ask you this. If you committed to forego sugars, processed food and relentlessly went to the gym on their routine, would you see results?

Of course!

The before pics of any site are of people who were not doing anything special prior to their treatment. (Chemical or topical) They were instructed to follow a routine. Which I’m positive included SPF, a ridiculous amount of water (to help flush the body) and professional products.

Do yourself a favor and start with the water first. This will help minimize the amount of correction, contouring or other face altering magic tricks you feel you need to learn.

After you get settled into a healthy place for your routine, it’s time to evaluate your skin needs. After drinking water (at least for 4 weeks) you’ll notice you are probably not as dry skinned or maybe not as oily. (Oil production can be result of dehydration).

Basic recommendations:

Cleanser,  moisturizer or day cream, primer, (make up), setting spray optional, make up remover, exfoliatant, night cream.

There are a zillion ways to mix and match these basics. It will highly depend on your skin type, problem areas, age, medications, ect.

Literally every part of who you are and what you put in your body will determine what kinds of products will be beneficial for you. Do you remember perms? Every Perm started with 2 washes with a clarifying shampoo to strip the built up medication on the hair so the perm could work. (Also why folical hair drug tests work)

Everything you put in your body from food, drink or air, has the ability to affect your skin and hair. Skin and hair are just dead cells. Which is also why you look like crap after you go out drinking. You’re dehydrated.

Now that you know what colors to look for, the skin type you have and exactly what areas you need to focus on. Please take a look at the professional products I’ve worked with, and stand behind at Under STORE.

If you have any questions,  comments or feedback, feel free to do so, I’d love to hear from you!