Disclosure Policy


My blog is made up of Opinion posts, Pintrest Pins and Affiliate links. The point of my blog is to help others and generate a small income to keep the blog current.  The comments section will be monitored therefore, please use best judgement. Remember we are all in it to win it together, so as Mr. Rogers would say ” Be kind to one another, and have a great day”.


Please be aware, I’m not liable for:

  •  Comments of others
  • Malicious intent, although not condoned and dealt with as I’m able to do so.
  • 3rd party spam
  • Fact checking other reviews other than my own.
  • Personal opinion of a product I’ve given a review. If you dislike a product, please direct it to the correct affiliate, and feel free to leave your feedback on that product on my blog.
  • Affiliate stores or their shipment handling.

I’m a licensed professional cosmetologist and my professional opinion is used.  Posts include link backs to other bloggers and sources for additional information if used. Returned courtesy is appreciated.  If any are missing in my blog, please inform me, and I will make sure to edit that post or link. Do not post my content as your own, it’s unprofessional and unethical.


Please feel free to contact me via my Contact Us page. I currently do not have a mailing list and will update this when I do. Suggestions for products are always welcome in addition to reviews or feedback from clients. Sales details are contracted by the websites (AFFILIATES) that host the product. Therefore, exchanges or returns are done with the individual websites and their policy. I will ALWAYS  let you know, in advance, if I am working with an affiliate or using a Sponsored Post (gaining a commission on that sale).  Those interested in hiring me for a sponsored blog post, please contact me.  I would love to discuss the details. Note: This may mean that I ask for a small sample be given to write an honest review of the product prior to agreeing to the contract.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your support in my success!