The Journey Continues

As of July we have a vehicle,  which was GOAL NUMBER 1.  (thanks to my in laws).  In a big city, having your own transportation is crucial. Vehicle maintenance and replacement should always be in the budget.
Now we are on to GOAL 2 & 3.

Goal 2. Launch and monetize our blog.
Obviously,  we have launched, but are still playing with the affiliates and overall feel of the site. We want to give support to new professionals by giving the inspiration and products you need. This is where I’m a little stuck. In the near future we will have a separate affiliates page to send our readers for the best products I can find. Feel free to comment below about which products you would like most to see, and I’ll tailor my search as we get going.


Goal 3. Study/pay for Real Estate Exam
I was so overwhelmed with the vehicle and blog situation, that I’ve had no time to really study. I took a 4 day course back in Feb at the same time I applied to take the exam. Unfortunately for me, that set a deadline of Feb 2018 to complete the exam. Which means, I need to get my butt in gear even more than before. Thankfully I have a very supportive husband.

My plan is to carve out two days a week, one for blog things and the second for studying. Now ask me where my toddler is…. yup she will either be with her dad or at daycare so I can hear myself think. I can’t listen to Paw Patrol and do anything productive. Some supermoms can and that’s amazing, but this sidetracked mama couldnt do it. Serious sensory overload.

At this point, we are well into our 1-3 month goal list and I’m pretty excited about sliding into the 3-6 month list. These will most likely be pretty boring, because it’s just saving $$$ to buy into the RE board, fees and get a realistic wardrobe for the career change  (so I look like I belong there).
As much as it makes me physically ill to think about spending money on clothes, I realized that my Salvation Army half priced shopping days were over.

(Well maybe not for everything, but definitely for this).

When you enter a professional field like that, you absolutely need to look the part. First impressions mean way more than they should and if the client isn’t impressed, will take their business elsewhere.  You don’t want that.

I’m in a great place in my current field where the dress code is pretty relaxed, and personality in your clothing styles is encouraged. Not that I dress like a rag doll, but you get what I’m saying… I’m going to need more appropriate clothes.

Leading me to my next awesome point about affiliates! I will be joining forces with a great place to find all these awesome styles. I’ll post the outfits I end up getting and link to where you can find them. A starter piece I wrote about wardrobes can be found here.
I’m looking forward to writing a comprehensive post about finding your body type and what clothes look best for each. There will also be a post on finding your complementary colors too! They are generally determined by skin tone, hair and eye color.

So many great things to talk about and post in the very near future! If you like my blog, give it a like, comment and pin! Thanks guys!!!

About Our Blog and What We Can Do to Support You

As mentioned in “Our Story“, we have been though a lot of hard times. We are working towards a very big goal of having our own businesses. During this journey, we’ve decided that its not just us who struggle to make it, and we want to share that struggle with you. Finding support as a parent or new adventurer, is scary. As parents to three kiddos pre teens to toddler, its often difficult to find time for yourself and to begin breaking down what goals to set. That’s where our blog comes in. We are sharing the benefits of our experience to help inspire our readers.

We want readers to know they have support when they start reaching for their personal goals. That is the idea behind our blog. We set out to be different than other blogs. Giving readers not just advice, but the tools through affiliates, to find those needs. I’m also using my knowledge in the beauty industry to help others find professional products they can count on.

We use affiliate marketing to help our readers, keep our blog current and to continue to raise the bar on our goals.  The product reviews are there to help provide information and the ability to compare your needs. I encourage everyone to add to reviews and provide feedback on those products. Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

Everything you do affects your goals and achieving them.  What you decide to do, will determine how far you go. My mother once said “Time is coming whether you do something with it or not”. You can choose to be active or inactive, but the results rest solely on you“. At the time she was convincing me that braces were worth the pain and suffering I would endure for that lapse of time, for the result I really wanted. I hope to hear about your milestones and how your goals are becoming a pivotal point in your life. Good luck everyone!


Our Story

My husband and I started Hard Walk to a Feathered Bed, to help others see that you can overcome when life is falling apart. Over the recent years we have: lost our jobs, been temporarily homeless, lived in a hotel for one year and were forced to figure out how to get back on our feet alone.

I don’t mention these things for pity, I say them out of truth. The hardest thing we’ve ever had to do, was admit that we needed help. My husband and I are in our thirties and I remember my parents never asking any of their family for help and I always felt that by this age we should have our finances and life in order.

What I’ve learned over the years surprised me as an adult. All walks of life are different. You’re not going to follow in someone else’s footsteps, because you were never meant to be a carbon copy of another person. You have to make your own path. Unfortunately sometimes that path doesn’t work out the way you had planned. This is where re-evaluation and priorities begins to take place.

Make a lot of lists. The first one we made was a priority list. Closely followed were smaller things that we could put on a back burner until all the priorities were made. For example: We need a vehicle to get to and from work to make a paycheck. I’m currently trying to change careers and have done most of the legwork.  However, if I can’t get to and from my current job,  I can’t finance that change. Always protect your (ass)ets.

The top priorities of anyone’s list should be:

  • Vehicle
  • Daycare
  • Job security
  • Bills

This means a savings should be put in place before any major changes occur. I say should very loosely. Currently we are scrapping every loose bit of pocket change to fix our vehicle or buy another off Craigslist. Transportation is our biggest expense just behind daycare cost and bills.

I list daycare because of our current situation. The lady that watches our child was recently told she was no longer allowed to do daycare out of her apartment. No matter where you take your child, you always run the risk of having to go and pick them up inconveniently or having to find another Center to take your child temporarily. Always have a plan for your day care because one day you may not have it when you need it. Luckily for us, she ended up moving and offering to pick her up and drop her off, and that saved our butts.

Job security sounds rhetorical. I assure you that it’s not. Most everyone is replaceable. I’ve been proof of that myself. I was legally replaced while on maternity leave because I had to take extra time off for pregnancy complications. Because FMLA was exhausted, I no longer had the security of having my position when I got back. Have a plan in case you no longer have a job. This also goes for write ups. Keep in communication with management and keep records.

Keeping up with the bills is both financially responsible and pertinent to starting a business or gaining credit. If you find that you have more bills than income you’ll have to examine your budget or find a new source of income. This is what my husband and I had to do.  When I lost my job, my husband went back to work and I stayed home with our baby. After examining our budget we realize we needed more income so I went back to work 2 days a week on his days off to help increase our income without using daycare. After revisiting our budget we acknowledged that I needed to work 2 more days a week and we needed to put the baby in daycare.

Don’t be afraid of change. Change is the only way we grow personally. If you’re uncomfortable, you move. It’s a personal choice which direction, forward or back.  Sometimes all we need is motivation.  And that’s why we’re here. To show you real movement by a family that has seen its fair share of hardships and dumb luck.

Disclosure Policy


My blog is made up of Opinion posts, Pintrest Pins and Affiliate links. The point of my blog is to help others and generate a small income to keep the blog current.  The comments section will be monitored therefore, please use best judgement. Remember we are all in it to win it together, so as Mr. Rogers would say ” Be kind to one another, and have a great day”.


Please be aware, I’m not liable for:

  •  Comments of others
  • Malicious intent, although not condoned and dealt with as I’m able to do so.
  • 3rd party spam
  • Fact checking other reviews other than my own.
  • Personal opinion of a product I’ve given a review. If you dislike a product, please direct it to the correct affiliate, and feel free to leave your feedback on that product on my blog.
  • Affiliate stores or their shipment handling.

I’m a licensed professional cosmetologist and my professional opinion is used.  Posts include link backs to other bloggers and sources for additional information if used. Returned courtesy is appreciated.  If any are missing in my blog, please inform me, and I will make sure to edit that post or link. Do not post my content as your own, it’s unprofessional and unethical.


Please feel free to contact me via my Contact Us page. I currently do not have a mailing list and will update this when I do. Suggestions for products are always welcome in addition to reviews or feedback from clients. Sales details are contracted by the websites (AFFILIATES) that host the product. Therefore, exchanges or returns are done with the individual websites and their policy. I will ALWAYS  let you know, in advance, if I am working with an affiliate or using a Sponsored Post (gaining a commission on that sale).  Those interested in hiring me for a sponsored blog post, please contact me.  I would love to discuss the details. Note: This may mean that I ask for a small sample be given to write an honest review of the product prior to agreeing to the contract.

I look forward to hearing from you.  Thank you for your support in my success!