About Our Blog and What We Can Do to Support You

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As mentioned in “Our Story“, we have been though a lot of hard times. We are working towards a very big goal of having our own businesses. During this journey, we’ve decided that its not just us who struggle to make it, and we want to share that struggle with you. Finding support as a parent or new adventurer, is scary. As parents to three kiddos pre teens to toddler, its often difficult to find time for yourself and to begin breaking down what goals to set. That’s where our blog comes in. We are sharing the benefits of our experience to help inspire our readers.

We want readers to know they have support when they start reaching for their personal goals. That is the idea behind our blog. We set out to be different than other blogs. Giving readers not just advice, but the tools through affiliates, to find those needs. I’m also using my knowledge in the beauty industry to help others find professional products they can count on.

We use affiliate marketing to help our readers, keep our blog current and to continue to raise the bar on our goals.  The product reviews are there to help provide information and the ability to compare your needs. I encourage everyone to add to reviews and provide feedback on those products. Suggestions are ALWAYS welcome.

Everything you do affects your goals and achieving them.  What you decide to do, will determine how far you go. My mother once said “Time is coming whether you do something with it or not”. You can choose to be active or inactive, but the results rest solely on you“. At the time she was convincing me that braces were worth the pain and suffering I would endure for that lapse of time, for the result I really wanted. I hope to hear about your milestones and how your goals are becoming a pivotal point in your life. Good luck everyone!